Nortex Glass poor shower installation and wrong product

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Nortex Glass of Sherman Texas sold me a "chrome" shower, but installed a cheap looking extruded aluminum model...and did a *** poor job with the installation. Ragged edges slice our hands and rip our towels.

I've called and called, but since they've long ago cashed the check - they have no interest in making it right. They actually FIRED the guy who sold and installed it - but I'm stuck with this crappy substandard product.

Here's the original quote (clearly listing "Chrome")

And here's the crappy installation (and clearly NOT Chrome)


Review about: Chrome Shower.



NorTex Glass has an "A+" rating with the BBB due to our excellent customer service.This customer was sold an extruded aluminum chrome finish shower and was given actual metal color samples to choose from.

There is no such thing as a pure solid chrome shower. All showers are made of extruded aluminum and the finish is the outside surface of the aluminum. This customer chose chrome finishand then after we installed it, changed his mind and wanted chrome because his wife did not like the color he chose. We installed an Alumax brand shower that he is calling "cheap".

Please research that brand name. This is a high end shower and there is nothing cheap about it. We explained to the customer that we cannot just give him a free gold shower just because he changed his mind on what he chose after it was installed. Now he is reaching for other excuses to get a free gold shower and is claiming that he though the shower was going to be pure solid chrome.

There is no such thing. A Gold shower will not be made of pure solid gold either. The gold or chrome color is the finish on the surface of the extruded aluminum which he is very aware. NorTex Glass just came back out to his house to do a free adjustment on this shower 2 years after it was installed and after the warranty had expired....long after the check had been cashed.

it is unfortunate the this customer chose a color that his wife did not like but we never implied that we would warranty his choice.We gave him ample information to make the decision and even allowed him to take home our physical metal samples.

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